Throughout our existence we have performed more than 500 projects and executed more than 1 million hours of multidisciplinary work, delivering to our more than 100 clients a work methodology oriented exclusively to the objectives and results expected by them.

Among the main clients served by the public sector are the Ministry of Energy, the Corfo / Cluster Minero, the Telecommunications Undersecretariat, the Superintendency of Electricity and Fuels, the National Council for Innovation and Competitiveness, the Ministry of Transport Planning, Ministry of Economy and Superintendence of Health Services. In the private sector companies such as Claro, Vtr, Entel, Nextel, Movistar, Gtd group, Motorola, Communications and rural telephony, Directv, Korea Telecom, CGE / Binaria, Chilectra, Enersis, Forest Mininco, Falabella, Presto, among Others.

The services provided in these years are counseling, economic and technical studies, management, articulation and implementation of initiatives and projects in the areas of corporate governance, strategic planning, management and control of resources aimed at achieving objectives , Operation, technology and finance. This is based on the development of economic studies (demand, costs, tariffs, assessments, assessments, feasibility, procedures, business plans, budgets, projections, etc.) and normative (resolutions, regulations, laws, etc.) , Negotiation, conflict management, contracting, renegotiations, credit and debt management, and decision making.